About Dick

Dick on a Desk is here to tell all you workaholics to make time for the good times.

Created by Frida Dreme, Dick wants to help you start dicking around.

But how did Dick come about?

Frida Dreme is the moniker of a mother-daughter duo, who, after a series of tequila shots, and the hellscape of 2020, decided having fun is not just a luxury, but it’s actually a necessity.

From there, Dick on a Desk was born.

Tired of working all the time? Of being worried all the time? Tired of being tired?

Dick on a Desk is here to remind you to not just take that break, but to savor it, to celebrate it… to live that shit up.

As adults, we don’t get Santa, or the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy. We get Dick.

Thankfully, Dick is pretty cool. And he comes with a classic storybook tale about the joys of dicking around that will undoubtedly influence generations of sad adults.

Life is for living, not just for working. Reclaim your humanity with Dick on a Desk.

From our family to yours,