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Affiliate Referral Program

Join the Dick on a Desk Affiliate Referral Program and you can earn a commission for every purchase that your referrals generate.



Start earning commissions for your referrals today!

You can earn an advertising fee of 10% for every Dick sale made on our website by a person who uses your referral link to get to the website.

We’ll pay your Advertising Commission 10 days after the end of the month for sales made during the month to a person using your link.

We will send your payment to one of the following you select:

  1. PayPal
  2. Google Pay
  3. Venmo
  4. Your debit card
  1. Sign-up on our affiliate website by providing your name and email address and telling us how you want to get paid.
  2. Start using your personal Affiliate Link in social media posts, stories, and other communications to your audiences.

That’s it.  Start now and begin earning commissions today.